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In 2017 we were attending Roskilde Festival. We wanted to make our speaker safer than just laying inside a tent.

SOUNDLOCK started as a brief idea. We were attending Roskilde Festival, and we were worried about our speaker - could we leave it alone in the campsite while enjoying the concerts?
We came up with a solution and from there on SOUNDLOCK has evolved. Now we want to share the invention with the world!

With a SOUNDLOCK in the ground, your speaker feels safe in the campsite - the SOUNDLOCK makes sure the party continues when you get back!


Our mission is to make every outdoor activity as safe as possbile.

SOUNDLOCK started as an invention for festivals, but the concept can be used for all kinds of things such as camping, canoeing, hiking, cycling og just to make your belongings close to your house safe. 


We know that people with our product feel safer. Whether exploring in the nature or going to concerts at festival sites leaving their belongings alone in the campsite. Therefore we want to tell everybody about the SOUNDLOCK!


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