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Terms and Conditions


Changes in prices can change according to the time of ordering. If SOUNDLOCK accepts your order, you will be billed the price which is current at the date of the purchase. All prices are shown included sales tax.


When ordering products from, the buyer accepts the price as at the time of ordering. The agreement, between buyer and, will take effect in the forms of an order confirmation.

Rights of whitdrawal

According to the danish rights of withdrawal the buyer can regret the purchase within 14 days after the delivery.

Regarding return, please use DAO or Postnord as a provider, do not use other alternative packet distributors. This ensures a safe return of the product. It is recommended that you return the item in a proper packaging - together with the invoice, which makes it clear that you make use of the rights of withdrawal to get your order refunded.

When SOUNDLOCK receives the returned product(s) in acceptable condition, the price of the product will be refunded. If the product is damaged SOUNDLOCK ApS will withhold the payment.


​ and is made in cooperation with and the website is SSL-secured. The payment is made through PayPal which insures safe and secure transactions. Payment methods are following:

  • Credit / Debit Cards


  • Offline Payments


The SOUNDLOCK is not insured because the set-up is user based and therefore different from every user. The strength, durability and secureness of the soundlock depends on weather conditions, skill of the user, the type of soil (and amount of stones), and insertion depth. The SOUNDLOCK only provides an anchor in the ground and Soundlock ApS does not take any responsibility of other objects than the product itself. SOUNDLOCK ApS will not insure or refund any of the objects attached to the SOUNDLOCK. We are not liable for damages of the product and will not refund damages of the product if it has been misused. SOUNDLOCK takes no responsibility in any misuse of the product. Therefore read the "User Manual" carefully.

Warranty & disclaimer

The SOUNDLOCK is covered by a two-year limited consumer warranty, issued by SOUNDLOCK ApS. The Warranty is issued to the customer who buys a new SOUNDLOCK directly from SOUNDLOCK ApS. This warranty cannot be assigned or transferred to any subsequent purchaser or user. The SOUNDLOCK warrants to the customer that the device will under normal use function substantially in accordance with SOUNDLOCKS technical specifications or accompanying product documentation for a period of two years from the date of the original purchase. 

If the delivery time is delayed or any missing parts of the product is due to following: working conflicts (strike or lockout), repossession, currency restrictions, intervention by the state, fire, riots, rebellion or war, SOUNDLOCK ApS does not take any liability in replacing or refunding the purchase of the product(s).

User manual 

Connect the upper part of the soundlock "the handle" with the lower part of the soundlock  "the drill". Connect the handle and the drill by inserting the steel rod into the drill tube. The SOUNDLOCK is now ready to drill into the ground. Make sure to maintain a constantly high pressure downwards, when turning the drill. This insures the drill moves downwards into the ground instead of dragging the dirt upwards. Take off the padlock by using the key. Stamp the dirt around the soundlock to strengthen the hold in the ground. Keep the handle in a safe place. Attach the wire through a strong loop in the object you wish to lock. Take both ends of the wire inside the padlock and connect the lock through the hole in the top of the drill. Lock the padlock and keep the key in a safe place.


Please write to us if you have any complaints regarding the SOUNDLOCK on  or We are happy to help with any problems.

Subject to change

SOUNDLOCK reserves the right to change and update the terms and conditions that is applied to Therefore, please keep up to date on any changes.



CVR nr: 39309734

Knudrisgade nr. 39 st.

8000 Aarhus 


Last Modified: April 5. 2022

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